The PROAS4 project keeps developing the tasks needed for its technical implementation

During this year, we have been developing the preparatory tasks for the technical implementation of the AS4 profile and the SMPs in each Access Point (AP) of the PROAS4 consortium. The participating EDI providers have been reviewing and identifying the technical requirements to be followed by them for their implementations, taking into account CEF eDelivery building block and associated services documentation, as well as the Conformance and Connectivity tests.

Therefore, the beneficiaries have been exchanging their expertise as eDelivery service providers in different Member States, which has resulted in an increased knowledge about digital information sector potential markets in the other Member States for these services.

Each EDI provider has been reviewing the necessary technical requirements to pass CEF eDelivery conformance and connectivity tests, identifying requirements and preparing a scheduled execution plan per AP of the consortium for their individual implementation activity.

Moreover, they have been planning the implementation of the software in the production environment, the successful passing of the conformance testing and the execution of CEF eDelivery connectivity testing. Next, they will set up the AS4 and SMP for each AP of the 5 EDI providers of the consortium from different Member States.

PROAS4 is a project co-funded by the European Commission through the CEF Telecom programme. ESAM Tecnología participates in the project along with Pinkroccade, Transalis, Elcom, Easy Systems and Digital Cab.

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